Owner, Radio Africa + Kitchen – Eskender Asged

He’s the Nomadic Chef! The lamb grilling villian! Ladies and gentlemen, Eskender Asged (Executive Chef and Founder of Radio Africa & Kitchen) stars in Impresa! as a man spreading the gospel of consistency.

In the Fall of 2004, Eskender started his first “pop up” restaurant right in his own home — serving meals to small groups of friends. Eventually these pop ups expanded to a variety of Bay Area cafés over the course of the next seven years. His talents have resulted in a devoted following and the opening of his flagship restaurant, Radio Africa & Kitchen, in San Francisco. The name, Radio Africa, comes from Eskender’s experience growing up in Ethiopia with very few outlets for popular music and sports. Only one household per neighborhood might have a radio and kids would gather and listen to soccer matches and music, sharing laughter, conversation and snacks.