Rhapsodist Beats

Aman Abdulalim, owner of Rhapsodist Beats, is a hip hop producer from the Bay Area, California.  As the Composer for Impresa!, he produced original arrangements for the film and provided multi-faceted feedback for our post-production. Raised on 90’s hip hop, Aman was largely uninspired by products of the genre from the early 2000’s and began rapping and producing as a hobby. With a writing and producing style that was epic and story-driven, the nickname Rhapsodist was given to him by an early collaborating partner. With soulful and jazzy samples, punchy and organic drums, and arrangements that inspire stories, he developed a style that is a true extension of the music he grew up on. With his music licensing business, Rhapsodist Beats, he strives to express epics through instrumentation while maintaining a signature golden era hip hop sound. Aman has worked with many notable acts through the years. Along with his personal work on Rhapsodist Beats, he is a producer on the Germany-based Diract Beats team. He is also a co-producer of Life and Death Productions, a branch of the world famous Anno Domini Beats Ltd. Production credits extend to the current freestyle world record holder Street Light, Def Jam, product commercials, among other independent acts.

[ Sephora speaking]

Side note: I think he is part-producer, part-translator. If you tell him that you are making a East African Diaspora film and you want  the sound of “Ali Shaheed Muhammad overdosing on berbere” or a “Habesha Hebrie Hancock pulling a roll bounce”,  he just…understands.